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A Regional Chapter is made up of multiple jurisdictions whose staff enjoy membership in both the LGHN and the Regional Chapter group. A jurisdiction may include an unlimited number of staff on the membership. Regional groups may hold events and offer programming separately from what's offered by the LGHN.  Dues are determined by the forming board of the Regional Chapter.  

A Local Chapter is a single jurisdiction membership with an unlimited number of members from the organization.  Pricing is determined by the number of employees working for the organization. To start a new local chapter, Please contact LGHN  Individuals who wish to join an existing local chapter, see the contacts below under Local Chapters.

With any chapter membership, each jurisdiction that joins, must designate a primary contact to handle payment of the annual dues and maintain the list of members. 



To join your organization to one of these Regional Chapters, select an application below. By doing so, you will become the Primary Contact for your organization.

Written instructions for how to complete the application for a NEW jurisdiction,  How to complete the Regional Chapter application or view the steps in this Video.

Individuals who wish to be added to an existing regional chapter membership,  please contact your jurisdiction to find out how you can be added. 

Separate Individual memberships are available in some regions but only if your jurisdiction is not interested in being part of the regional chapter.
To join as an individual, select the regional application from the list above.




Resources for starting a Chapter

LGHN Chapter Toolkit: Resources for LGHN Chapters & Local Government Members
Chapter Bylaws Template
Contract Template for Chapter Administrative Assistance
LGHN Chapter Affiliation Agreement
SAMPLE Worksheet for Dues Calculation

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