The purpose of the Local Government Hispanic Network is to encourage professional excellence among Hispanic/Latino local government administrators, to improve the management of local government, to provide unique resources to Hispanic local government executives and public managers, and to advance the goals of professional, effective and ethical local government administration. The Network works with other organizations such as the International City Management Association which shares common goals.

The objectives of the Network are listed below.

  • Assist communities to enhance the quality of life of their Hispanic/Latino populations.
  • Increase Hispanic/Latino participation in local governance by improving their access to local governments.
  • Promote the local government profession within the Hispanic/Latino community.
  • Share knowledge, information, and experience among the members of the Network.
  • Encourage continued education and training in local government administration.
  • Develop and maintain professional associations with organizations such as the International City County Management Association in order to assist the Network and those organizations in achieving their common goals and objectives.
  • Solicit and receive funds from the private sector, foundations, or federal, state and local governments to promote and implement the Network’s general goals and objectives.
  • Contemplate the opportunity to form alliances (formal and informal) with other Hispanic/Latino professional organizations, corporate and foundation partners, as well as actively develop and maintain a professional association with Affiliated Groups and Partners to assist the Network in achieving their overall goals and objectives.

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